MonthOctober 2017

Would a German Shepherd puppy fit into your family?

If you are thinking of adding a German Shepherd to your family, make sure that this is the right breed for you. German Shepherds are very strong dogs, both in body strength and in spirit.

They require attention, love, and training.  And, they function best within a family unit if you do have some purpose or job for your shepherd.  Just as kids need chores, so will your dog.

Puppies grow fast, and at the awkward stage of a growing puppy, German Shepherds can be very strong, and very awkward, able to knock down the elderly, weak, and young.  Also, puppies love to chew…they could damage your furniture of not lovingly trained.

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Imperials or Chinese Imperials

We constantly have people contacting us looking for tiny Shih Tzu puppies. I literally cringe when a customer is more interested in the adult weight rather than the overall health, temperament, and well-being of a puppy.

Occasionally, we will get a wee one, but I will almost guarantee I will have my work cut out for me to help the puppy survive. I feel every puppy born at Sunnyhill is my responsibility, and I don’t take that responsibility lightly.

When the puppy is tiny, it will most certainly have difficulties during weaning. It just doesn’t have enough meat on its bones to sustain them. Momma doesn’t bring the food wagon around as much because puppies have sharp teeth and it hurts. I have to hand-feed the puppy all day and yes, all night long too.

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