MonthNovember 2017

Basics of how to train a German Shepherd puppy

Many new dog owners give the dog credit for being more intelligent than he is (even though German Shepherds are very intelligent) when in actuality the dog simply responds to you and his surrounding environment.

Your dog wants to be a part of your “pack” and to be accepted by you, but your dog is an animal with natural animal instincts and behaviors.

When your German Shepherd puppy has negative behaviors, yelling at or scolding him heavily is not the best approach because these behaviors are instinctive. The right approach, instead, is to focus your energy on changing those instincts into the behaviors you expect from your dog.

Knowing the basics of how to train German Shepherds

There are some basics to consider when you start training your puppy. These simple training tips will make the entire process so much easier.

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