About us

Welcome to our website!  Sunnyhill Kennels was created by my daughter Dani and I after our beloved Shih Tzu, Teddy, suffered a serious back injury.  (Read Teddy’s story.) 

A few months after Teddy’s injury we became members of our local county’s kennel club which happens to put on a terrific dog show every year.  Of course, we were strongly influenced by the kennel club members who either actively showed their dogs or trained their dogs for agility titles.

I couldn’t believe but the show bug hit us particularly hard after working only one dog show.  We found we loved to be surrounded by wonderful dogs of every breed, not to mention all the very interesting people you get to meet.

Most of our time is now filled with providing a loving and nurturing environment for our Shih Tzus and German Shepherds.  We are located in the heart of the Midwest surrounded by acres of cornfields, blue skies, and lots of fresh country air.

All of our puppies are hand-raised in our home.  Mommies and babies are placed next to the bed to give continuous 24-hour care.  For our German Shepherds, we have built a new house next to our home for more space and the best care. Our puppies are happy, healthy, friendly, and are heavily socialized.  Our puppies make superb companions for people of all ages.

As you can easily see, our furbabies are truly part of our family and the German Shepherd puppies are great companions.  Yes, they do love the little perks of comfort like a soft pillow or blanket.

To keep the adult dogs happy and playful, we have devised an interactive playground which is equipped with an array of hanging balls.  (Some slide, and some bob up and down.)  We purchased a swing so we can sit out and take turns to rock the dogs, however, some of the dogs found a way to rock themselves without our help.