What is a “Puppy Mill”?

Many people use that term to describe a place where puppies are bred for the sole purpose of profit. But most don’t know HOW MUCH the animals are abused and mistreated.

Not only are dogs crammed into cages, 3 or 4 at a time, fed very little, not cared for, have almost no human contact, and the bitches are bred relentlessly every heat cycle to make as much money as possible.

The dogs are not lively companions; they are unhappy, sometimes aggressive, with matted fur due to lack of nutrition, and unhealthy. Puppies are taken away from their mother way too early; most of them are disoriented, sickly and underweight.

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How to keep your dog happy, healthy, and fit in the New Year

First od all, a very Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone and I hope your dog had great holidays as well. Dogs need exercise and love it. In order to keep your dog happy, healthy, fit and slim your dog needs to move and play. Exercise can be walking, running, playing, some even like swimming. As a general rule keep in mind that the dog should be active at least 3 times a day for 10 – 20 minutes each.

The level and intensity of activity certainly have to be tailored to a dog’s age, health and breed. Some breeds are very activity-oriented and need more challenging, intense exercises, such as agility training, running, swimming, etc., some breeds, and older dogs like shorter walks at a medium pace better.

The best thing is to rotate activities to keep your animal animated. Add a Frisbee or ball play in a park, or take him to the dog park to interact with other dogs. Especially dog parks have the advantage to improve your animal’s skills to get along with other dogs.

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Make It Happy Holidays – Also For Your Dog!

The holidays are coming up, Christmas, Hanukah, these are cheerful seasons for us humans but can be dangerous, even deadly for our animals.


Christmas trees – secure your tree with a strong rope to the wall and/or ceiling. A heavy dog that leans on the tree or a cat that climbs on it might topple the tree over.

If you have cats that like to climb make sure they stay away from the tree. Spray part of your tree slightly with Grannick’s Bitter Apple® Spray. Neither cats nor dogs like the taste of it.

Ingested pine needles – can puncture your pet’s intestines. Clean and vacuum daily or twice daily around your tree and your wreath.

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Bad Canine Behavior that can be avoided

When it comes to training our canine companions, we all aspire to mold well-adjusted and well-behaved dogs. But let’s face it, nobody’s perfect and that includes most of the dogs in our lives. Here are four tips on how to avoid bad canine behavior and how you can train your dog to behave in a good manner.

1. Your dog has to meet every single person, dog, or squirrel he sees

The world is full of distractions, especially of the human variety. A dog that makes it his business to know everyone will quickly wear you out. Teach your dog that there are a time and place to be social. If you don’t have time for a meeting, keep walking. Reward your dog with treats every time he ignores a distraction. When you do have time, you can reward your pup with a “go say hi” command, treating him when he checks back in with you.

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Puppy Play Biting – Facts and Fiction

One dog training method myth I’d like to bust is the idea of stopping puppy play biting by holding your dog’s nose and saying “NO BITE!”

I feel strongly about this topic because it so obviously contradicts what we know about dogs – one of their primary methods of communication is body language. To quote Carina Norris on Beantown, “…dogs use a large proportion of this constant motion for communication, as their emotions and intentions are reflected in their movements and posture.”

Here’s why it’s so ridiculous. The second a person touches strokes, caresses, or even “grab’s violently” as a way to teach their dog a lesson, their dog is most likely expecting some kind of love and attention. Even more worrisome, is that grabbing a dog while is he play biting (more highly stimulated/aroused) the dog is even less likely to understand what a person is trying to tell them. Your dog may be thinking — “I’m revved up and you what to play the Hold My Mouth Game? Great! I love that game, let me at em’?!”

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German Shepherds – History

Max von Stephanitz, known as the father of the breed, first formed a group called the SV, or Club for German Shepherds in 1899. This club today remains the largest, most active specialty breed club in the world. Max’s vision of the breed called for a high-performance herding and watchdog with a sharp mind and an elegant appearance.

From this vision, he wrote the original German Shepherd Kanine breed standard. Seven years later, after the first Sieger show was held (also in 1899), the first German Shepherd was believed to have settled in North America and had it’s first showing a year later in 1907.

The German Shepherd first registered with the AKC in 1908 and has rarely ever dropped below the top ten breeds registered. In 1913, the German Shepherd Dog Club of America was founded.

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Travel with your Dogs

Recently I made two cross-country trips with two cats and one dog (small breed). I am certain that my findings can be useful for many pet owners.

Be patient with your furry friends! Strange surroundings, strange noises, strange smells and a change of their daily routine can turn the most peaceful, loving animal into a hissing, barking bundle of nerves. Pay attention to their needs, especially if you travel for some time, take frequent breaks, talk to them, schedule some play time. You can get many great gifts for your pet on this pet gifts website, though this website is not for dog gifts only; there’s also a lot for horse lovers.

  • Make sure that you take enough food with you (you might not find the brand your animal is used to, and a certain change in diet can cause diarrhea and/or general unwillingness to eat.
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Training a German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd Dogs, also called Alsatian Dogs, are some of the most searched-for kinds of dogs. Recognized for their loyalty and intelligence, they’re ideal as companion pets, though additionally, they work as police or farm dogs.

They’re very regardful of their masters, thus a lot of people want to own and train their German Shepherd dogs. This post will teach you about some points to consider on how to train a German shepherd.

The first consideration is to use monosyllables and treadmill-phrased instructions. Dogs, like kids, possess a short attention span, and monosyllables like “sit”, “lower”, “yes”, “no” tend to be simpler to identify that they won’t forget, unlike multiple-word instructions.

Whenever your dog will accomplish an order precisely, ensure that you simply “praise” him by petting him or rewarding him with a tasteful treat. This makes your pet connect the command with the treat and can propel him to consistently follow your instructions.

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How to raise a German Shepherd Puppy

The appearance of the German Shepherd puppy is definitely exciting. An attractive ball of fluff that’s so lovely it’s not hard to ignore a few of the cheeky habits that begin to happen in your home very rapidly.

So starting your German Shepherd puppy training course is important so you’ll have a properly socialized dog along with a happy home.

My friend Kasia Bialek, says that German Shepherd dogs are extremely intelligent creatures. Due to potency and efficacy and capabilities in behavior training, they’re popular for use by the police, they also make very loyal pets and wonderful young puppies.

It is important when obtaining a new German Shepherd puppy that you should start the training immediately. Young puppies need rules and limitations much like their mother provided immediately after they were born.

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Basics of how to train a German Shepherd puppy

Many new dog owners give the dog credit for being more intelligent than he is (even though German Shepherds are very intelligent) when in actuality the dog simply responds to you and his surrounding environment.

Your dog wants to be a part of your “pack” and to be accepted by you, but your dog is an animal with natural animal instincts and behaviors.

When your German Shepherd puppy has negative behaviors, yelling at or scolding him heavily is not the best approach because, and this is particularly important in mountainous regions like the Utah snowy areas, these behaviors are instinctive and the dogd need them. The right approach, instead, is to focus your energy on changing those instincts into the behaviors you expect from your dog.

Knowing the basics of how to train German Shepherds

There are some basics to consider when you start training your puppy. These simple training tips will make the entire process so much easier.

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