Bad Canine Behavior that can be avoided

When it comes to training our canine companions, we all aspire to mold well-adjusted and well-behaved dogs. But let’s face it, nobody’s perfect and that includes most of the dogs in our lives. Here are four tips on how to avoid bad canine behavior and how you can train your dog to behave in a good manner.

1. Your dog has to meet every single person, dog, or squirrel he sees

The world is full of distractions, especially of the human variety. A dog that makes it his business to know everyone will quickly wear you out. Teach your dog that there are a time and place to be social. If you don’t have time for a meeting, keep walking. Reward your dog with treats every time he ignores a distraction. When you do have time, you can reward your pup with a “go say hi” command, treating him when he checks back in with you.

2. Your male dog thinks the world is his toilet

Peeing on telephone poles and nearby bushes may seem harmless, but before long your dog will be lifting his leg on your neighbor’s car tire or prized rose bush. To avoid this problem, teach your dog at a young age to use the bathroom when you tell him. A command like “do your business” will let your dog know when it’s okay to go. Read also this post about how to raise a German Shepherd puppy. Very interesting!

Start by using the command every time he uses the bathroom. Soon he will associate the command with doing his business and will only go when you tell him to and the same may apply to puppies that bite. Click on the link to learn more about facts and fiction regarding your puppy’s biting behavior.

3. That sandwich wasn’t for you, was it?

Dogs should not be eating food that doesn’t belong to them and the only way for them to learn this is with patient training. Make your dog sit and place a dog biscuit on the floor in front of him. If he holds the sit, quickly reward him with the biscuit. This rewarding trick will also work prove useful when you’re traveling with your dog. When he can sit for several minutes without going for the biscuit, move on to people food. Make a sandwich and put it on the coffee table. Sit your dog and reward him with dog treats if he ignores the sandwich.

4. Your arms are a little longer after each walk you take with your dog

Only you should decide how fast and far you are willing to walk with your pup. If your dog pulls at the end of the leash, stop. Wait for him to turn and look at you and then begin walking. When he pulls, stop again. He will quickly learn that walking loosely on the leash is rewarded by forwarding movement. Especially with bigger dogs, like German Shepherds, this may take a little effort on your side. This may take days or weeks of practice, but you will be rewarded with a dog that is pleasant to walk.

Raising a well-behaved dog takes patience and perseverance, but a well-trained canine companion is a pleasure to be around. Put a little effort into training your dog today, and you will reap the benefits later on.