Would a German Shepherd puppy fit into your family?

If you are thinking of adding a German Shepherd to your family, make sure that this is the right breed for you. German Shepherds are very strong dogs, both in body strength and in spirit.

They require attention, love, and training.  And, they function best within a family unit if you do have some purpose or job for your shepherd.  Just as kids need chores, so will your dog.

Puppies grow fast, and at the awkward stage of a growing puppy, German Shepherds can be very strong, and very awkward, able to knock down the elderly, weak, and young.  Also, puppies love to chew…they could damage your furniture of not lovingly trained.

The first few years can be difficult for you and your dog.  He will need firm, loving training, and handling. They also love to run, play outside and learn to do “stuff” outside. An active owner is best for this breed of dog.  On the other hand, owning two dogs and a large fenced in yard also helps.  Remember, dogs are pack animals.  They love company and activity and purpose.

German Shepherds have the very nature of being sociable. They love attention and companionship. If you will leave your dog alone all day, perhaps you need to think of a different breed. Do your homework! Maybe a small Shih Tzu would be a better idea?

A well-trained dog will make an amazing family dog.  If you raise your dog with kids, you will see that these are one of the most tolerant dogs for being poked, squeezed and prodded.

Often your growing puppy will use his teeth with the kids and toys and this can result in scratches. Young children can get the puppy excited, and then your puppy will want to wrestle and even chase — this is what they would do with their own litter pups.

You will need an extra dose of patience, love, firmness, and training, but, to the owners of these beautiful, majestic dogs, it is all worth it. Speaking of Love for your dog, read this amazing story! 

Training a German Shepherd 

My friend Susan recently told me that she had no idea how to train German Shepherds. She just gotten a  German shepherd and tried to train but did not know where to start. “I feel very overwhelmed,” he said. “I do not know where to start.”

Susan’s not alone. A lot of people bring home their new dog and then realize that they haven’t a clue about where to begin. There seems to be so much that you need to work on right away. So where’s the best place to start?

Susan is not alone. Many people bring home their new dog and then realize that they have no idea where to start. It seems that there is so much that you have to work right away. So what’s the best place to start?

The first command you should teach your dog to come when you call. Wondering how to train German Shepherds to come when called? It will definitely be a challenge. Since German Shepherds are natural sheepdogs, they have their own ideas about who should go where. But they are also human dogs and very loyal, which will work in your favor.

Some guidance on how to train German Shepherds dogs to come:

  1. Start off training using a long leash and a bag of treats.
  2. When you ask him to come, crouch down on his level and open your arms wide as if waiting for a hug. Call it a happy voice, saying: “Come … Sammy!
  3. If he doesn’t come right away, give the leash a little tug to get the message that you are the boss.
  4. Praise him when he comes, he is doing good feelings come from you. To say “goooood boy, what is goooood boy!” in a low voice, so it does not disturb him.
  5. The second he arrives,  get that treat in his mouth.

Of course, there is more information on how to train German Shepherds only way to get them. When I was trying to find ways to train my Mandy, the best I’ve found is K9-1 dog training. So that’s what Susan recommends, and to anyone else who asks.

The available data K9-1dog training has helped so many people and has proven over and over again in different situations so that they consider risky to turn elsewhere.